There’s definitely some science, art, and strategy behind concocting the perfect vintage style home. But stone and brick play a HUGE roll in this. So we decided to give you guys a look at 10 Stone & Brick Options for mastering the “Vintage Vibes”.

Colonial Style brick, like the Old Yorktown by Pine Hall is a great option.

You can also pair a colonial style brick like the Charleston with a beautiful limestone like the Antique Pearl for a vintage look.

The Veranda Ridgestone gives a vintage feel with a hint of Mediterranean style.

And the Chesapeake Pearl works great for vintage meets coastal colonial.

Antique Pearl and other lighter limestone’s on large areas, by themselves are another great option.

And we cant forget blend options. This home has a blend of ridgestone and granite in multiple colors for a vintage pioneer house look.

Our Wisconsin Limestones like the Fond du Lac Country Squires is a great option.

Stone and brick also pair well is you’re going for a vintage tuscan feel.

And another variation of the Fond du Lac, the Random/Web Wall/Fieldstone style goes well on a variety of vintage style exteriors, like this vintage mountain style.

And we can’t forget the Mill Creek Sienna, one of our designer’s top picks for a vintage look.

Mortar style can also make a big impact on the overall look of the masonry application. An over grout or flush cut over grout style of mortar can add to those “Vintage Vibes” you’re looking for. While also adding a bit of authenticity and charm. Lighter colors of mortar also tend to look a little more vintage. So don’t forget after you’ve chosen your stone and/or brick to top it off with the perfect mortar color and style.

If you’re interested in finding the perfect products for your vintage style exterior stop by one of our design centers and stone divisions today for assistance from our expert staff.


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