15 Masonry Kitchen Backsplashes

By May 26, 2020Uncategorized

Because masonry kitchen backsplashes have become increasingly more popular, we would like to introduce some of our favorite kitchen designs. While designing a kitchen backsplash, there are a few things to consider. Our masonry materials allow for interior and exterior use. Although you have the flexibility of where the masonry products can go, there are a couple of things to consider. The first is the texture of the material. When selecting a texture, especially for a backsplash, you will want to select something that will be easier to clean. Whether that be the material itself, or the overall texture, cleanability is vital for the kitchen. While tile backsplashes clean easier, masonry products aren’t the same. Because of this, we typically recommend sealing the backsplash material to prevent outside penetration. Read more about sealing your stone here: Sealing Stone Blog Post.

Here are some of our favorite kitchen accent backsplashes to help inspire you!

Mt. Rushmore Brick

Designed by Millhaven Homes & Interiors

Canmore Uintah Ledgestone

Oyster Pearl Brick

Capers Island Brick

White Birch Honed

Silver Shore Sculpted Ashlar

Ashton Court Brick

Oyster Pearl Brick

Old Yorktown Whitewashed

Coastal Bluff

Umber Creek Pro-Fit Alpine Ledgestone

Country Pearl

Painted Brick

Designed by Millhaven Homes

Chesapeake Pearl Brick

Old Edisto Brick

Need ideas as to how you can add a masonry accent to your kitchen? Our design and sales team is ready to help! Give us a call or come into one of our showrooms and design centers today!

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