We know its the end of summer and grill season is coming to a close, but it’s never too late to make improvements for the back-to-school barbecue or even for next year. Inspired by the new houzz article 14 Ways to Make Your Grill Set Up Better we figured we’d give you a few ideas as well. The grill set up can be the central gathering place in your back yard and with a few additional elements, you can revamp the space into the outdoor living area you have always wanted. The following ideas for these additional elements can help with convenience, function, and style in a major way.

So you have your grill, now what?

Think about adding a sink & wall hangers for rags, utensils, etc. This will keep you organized and limit your runs inside to clean and wash items.
What about a pizza oven & wood storage? Wood storage can add style to a space while keeping you close to the party rather than running out to old wood pile to get your logs. And who doesn’t like pizza out of an old fashion oven?
This photo has it all, including a griddle & ice bucket. 
Shelving can be extremely useful whether you’re in need of storage space or just want to take your style to the next level with some decor pieces. 
A bar can be great for conveniently serving a small group, or for buffet when serving larger parties.

Style & texture are important to incorporate.

Stone is a great way to bring a natural element and some authenticity into the space.

Shade & seating are vital, you want to be able to rest and relax out of the sun with your guests and loved ones.

Brick is another way to bring style to the space.

Lighting can be very important. Not only can improper lighting cause you to overcook and even burn the items on the grill, when too direct, but it is also an important aspect of the style and ambiance of the space.

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