2020 has come to an end, and we look forward with optimism and hope for the new year! As a yearly tradition, we recap what was popular in the previous year, and jump forward to making 2021 trend predictions! With analysis from the professionals in the industry, here’s what we expect to see this year!

Tumbled Stones

Reflecting on 2020, and now looking forward to 2021, we expect tumbled stones to increase in popularity. Although they have started to emerge in trends from 2020, we expect this to be all the rage in 2021. Whether it be manufactured or natural, there are a variety of options to fit this tumbled look! A tumbled stone has an overall rectangular shape with soft rounded edges. Juxtaposed to river rock, the face of the stone lays flat while just the edges are what’s rounded. This style allows for flexibility in design and function. Here are a few of our tumbled stones that we predict to be in trend during 2021:

Transitional Styles

A few years ago, modern was all the rage. Every new build had modern elements, if not full-fledged contemporary. As we roll into 2021, we expect to see more of a transitional style approach to the design trends. Transitional is the marriage between traditional and modern. Although modern elements are still expected to have an appearance, we expect more people to lean into the transitional style. So what does that mean for masonry products? Brick, rectangular stone, and variation of colors. Here are a few stones that pull towards the Transisiontal Style that we predict to be popular this year:

Light & Warm

Between 2015-2019 cool grays were all the rage. Now as we peak around the bend of the 2020s, warm colors are starting to come back in. No, not the dark cabinetry in your parent’s old home, but a light warmth. The idea of “Light & Airy” has been on-trend for the past few years, and we expect no change to this. But the change we do expect is that the color palettes will start to have a natural warmth to them. Here are a few stones that complement this trend:

White Overgrout

A unique masonry trend that has proven itself this year, and will continue to be apparent throughout 2021 is the White overgrout. Whether paired with a contrasting stone or a monochromatic blend, we expect this look to continue in popularity throughout the year! Blending with several different styles, a white overgrout is a great complement to a variety of stones!

White Brick

We’ve all seen the painted brick look, but what about white brick? Last year, we covered a blog post about our white brick options. You can read it here. Back at that time, we were trying to introduce these new white options as an alternative to painting your products. We have seen throughout the year an increase in popularity for this design option. Because of its rapid popularity throughout 2020, we expect those numbers to continue to rise during 2021.

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