Finding the perfect white brick can be difficult. Whether you’re looking for an off-white or a bright white, heavy texture of minimal texture its hard to narrow down the options and find the perfect brick for your specific project. We’ve done the research for you and narrowed down our top 3 Best & Brightest White & Off-White Brick Options.

Brick that Come Off-White

For a clean lined monochromatic look: Alaskan

If you’re wanting something with a touch more variation and a bit more warmth: Oyster Pearl

And If you’re wanting something with even a bit more variation and a blend of warm and cool: Chesapeake Pearl

Glazed Ivory Thin Brick

For an interior application that you want a brighter sheen and an easier clean (ie: backsplash, wet area appliaction, etc.): Glazed Ivory Thin Brick

Brick can be laid in a variety of ways and these glazed brick is no exception, look how beautiful it is in this double basket herringbone lay.

Painted Brick

When you’re painting brick you’re options become a little more endless and oftentimes even more daunting. But it is always nice to have some customization power. With this option, the most popular looks we’re seeing are the following: Bark Texture with a sloppy over grout, for a really heavy texture and antiqued look.

Faux manufactured thin brick with a smooth texture but a light tumble and a smooth mortar joint.

Real brick with a light texture and light tumble, with a less sloppy flush cut over grout mortar joint.


The options truly are endless when it comes to white and off-white brick but don’t let it discourage you. Our expert sales and design staff are always here to help. Stop by one of our HHDU Masonry Divisions and Design centers to explore the option and get all the help you need and deserve for your next project.

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