For years the Chablis Uintah Ledgestone was low man on the totem pole. The home trends were a little confining when it came to this little guy but now he is breaking free in all of his stony-beauty!

Good ol’ Chablis was seen as only being able to fit a Spanish, Spanish eclectic, Mediterranean, or Tuscan style home with some red, tan, or yellow stucco. Like this:

Chablis Uintah Ledgestone 10

That’s not to say that these styles of homes aren’t absolutely gorgeous and very fitting for the perfect person, perfect climate, and/or perfect location but that isn’t exactly what the hottest exterior home trends have been in Utah and Salt Lake counties for past five years now. We have been over-taken (in the best sort of way) by the traditional, the ranch, and the craftsman, with a few of Frank Lloyd Wright’s modern prairie style homes sprinkled in. And until now, the Chablis was put on the back burner, only being selected by the few and far between. It had become this niche color pallet that people were honestly so afraid to use but now, now it’s finally arrived!

Chablis Uintah Ledgestone 29

Look at this gorgeous traditional style home that the Chablis Uintah Ledgestone looks amazing on!

And that’s not all, people are pairing grey’s with it too!

Chablis Uintah Ledgestone 30

And for all of you people that want a red front door, the red accent’s in the Chablis make them a perfect pair!

And don’t get us started on how awesome it looks on Craftsman style homes too.

Chablis Uintah Ledgestone 40   Chablis Uintah Ledgestone 43

And to the modern prairies, the mountain moderns, the farmhouses, the rustic elegant, the transitional, and everywhere in between, you better watch out, because the Chablis is coming for you!

Chablis Uintah Ledgestone 03

As you can see, we are all very excited about this and excited to share our excitement with you. Come down to one of our stone divisions and design centers today to see the Chablis for yourself!

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