Having a hard time knowing what is popular these days? We have the answers for you! Currently any white stone is popular. A lot of people seem to want modern homes which calls for modern stone. Antique Pearl is a popular choice because of its beautiful white color and its natural stone. If you are not that person then earthy neutral stone is what you want. Browns are what people look for when they are searching for something more traditional and classic. Bucks County Country Ledgestone is a popular earthy tone for those who aren’t looking for modern stone.

Antique Pearl is popular for its bright white color. Many people who are building a new home are picking this stone because it’s a natural modern look. You have the option to choose a darker mortar if you don’t like the bright white look. It will give the stone pop and not blend in so much.

Bucks County Country Ledgestone has earthy tones that a lot of people love if they are looking for classic stone. It is a manufactured stone which costs less than natural stone.

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