Address blocks are vital to the exterior of a home. Stone or cast address blocks can add curb appeal and update your home exterior. They are also quite important so that people can see what the address number to your home is.

At HHDU Stone Division & Design Centers, we offer custom address blocks in a wide variety of styles, colors, and options.

large address block


Large Address blocks, like this chocolate colored one above, can be one line and just show larger address numbers, or they can feature two lines where customers can put a street name, last name, or etc.

If your address is small enough there are also a few select graphics, like the pine tree that is depicted above that you have the option of using as well.

small address block


This standard grey address block above is going to be the least expensive and most popular option.

Dressed-Country BC Mix 3

The light color of our grey or white address blocks makes the address easier to see.




This white large two line arch-top address block above featuring an elk graphic is also another option.


These faux stone vizastone cast address blocks above can come in small and mini sizes.

There are also different fonts available, including Helvetica or Clarendon.


th (1)


The Clarendon Font is slightly more popular because it is very traditional and fits almost any style.

Limestone Chardonnay 04

For this condo complex, the owners used two large custom address blocks to make the address clear for visitors and tenants.

Tuscan Cobble Smoked Oyster 2

White address blocks stand out perfectly from darker stone, and go great if the home has other white accents on it to coordinate the two.

White Address Block Brown Chief

Cape Cod Uintah Ledgestone 35

Choosing a piece of manufactured stone to have custom engraved is also an option. This home below because it features the bucks county country ledgestone, which features pieces far too small to have engraved, so they chose a piece of stone in the bucks county European castle stone so that the bucks county color was still represented and coordinated but with a larger smoother stone face for easy engraving and legibility.

Country Ledgestone BC 17


If you are working with natural stone, you may choose a large piece of the stone you are using for you address block. On this home, they are using the black moss and Aztec fieldstone. The homeowners found the lightest piece of the Aztec color to have engraved for their address block.

Engraved into Natural stone Address Block on Black Moss House

Address blocks are most typically seen in a mailbox or placed in the stone somewhere near the garage where it can be best seen from the curb. These customers chose a piece of their same exact stone for their mailbox address block.

Sawtelle 33

In several parade homes in past years we have done special address stones to coordinate with the homes natural stone limestone sills as well. Rectangular pieces to coordinate with any of our natural stone limestone sill options can be ordered in special for customers if this look is desired. This gives you a coordinating, contrasting, clean, bold, and cohesive look all at once.

Buckskin & Core Chopped 20 - 1168 E McDaniel Circle Alpine

Sawtelle 08

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