Capstones are an important element to masonry. By definition they are “a stone fixed on top of something”.

There are a variety of capstone types for a variety of uses. Mailbox projects, pillars, retaining walls, water features, and home exterior sills are all common types of projects where one would use a capstones.

The functional purpose of capstones is for water run-off. The aesthetic and design related purpose of capstones lies in achieving a more finished look.

Having both stylistic, and functional purposes, capstones are a great design choice.


These are the most common type of “cap” we sell. Used for capping masonry wainscot, and as window sills.

Mailbox aka Post top Caps 

The uses for this type of cap is pretty self explanatory. We stock these caps in 24″ and 26″ sizes in a standard gray concrete color. We can also get doubled tiered concrete caps, natural stone caps, and manufactured stone caps special order in a variety of colors.


Wall Caps

Commonly used to cap retaining walls, these caps come in sloped or flat.

4-Piece Post Caps 

Cap a masonry base of a pillar with a post coming up through the middle with these 4 piece caps.

All in all, capstones play a vital role in many masonry projects in areas of form and functionality.

For more cap inspiration and information stop by one of our masonry divisions and design centers today!

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