A baby’s nursery can be a tricky space. It is a space that we fill with love and fun. However it is also where a child spends its first few years of life, where development is vital. So these spaces must be filled with yes, love and fun and care, but also with knowledge, comfort, 
stimulation and room for growth. 
Like with any space, first things first, choosing colors… 
Another dilemma is how limiting your average baby store might be and how overwhelming your average home improvement store might be. So we are going to think outside the box and talk about spicing up your space with some brick. 
Have you thought about painting a brick accent wall white and then choosing a more vibrant, fitting and soothing color for the remaining walls. If your brick wall is opposite or kitty corner to a window, painting white is a great idea to reflect the natural light. 

The above photo of brick includes pinks, soft oranges, whites, creams, and the occasional red and charcoal tones. The variety and softness of the colors could fit this type of space perfectly. 

And lastly, going more neutral with your brick, is always a safe bet for any space, especially a nursery.  It can coordinate with so many different tones and colors. It will be a popping accent yet wont detract from any vibrant colors you have elsewhere, such as other paint, furnishings, decor and accessories. 

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