Interior Brick Walls are becoming more and more popular. And within these applications we are seeing a lot of Basement Brick walls. From accent walls and kitchenette back-splashes, to game rooms and theater rooms, to fireplaces there are many areas brick can be used in a basement. These applications add a modern, contemporary, farmhouse, urban, and/or industrial feel.

Not only is interior brick on-trend, it is a classic timeless design element that adds color, pattern, and texture to a space. Also, depending on the type of brick, it adds movement, character, charm, style, variety and more. The visual interest brick accents create are astounding. Basement Brick walls are basically a designer’s dream, and elevates a homeowner’s space more than imagined.

And to top it off, brick on interior outer walls can add to the energy efficiency of a space.

We have put together some of our favorite Basement Brick applications below.

Kitchenette Backsplash/Accent Wall

Theater Room


Game Room

Music Room

Basement Secondary Dining Space


Hearth and Home Masonry Divisions have a variety of thin brick options. This includes manufactured faux thin brick, and real clay thin brick. For more options and information, stop by one of our showrooms today!


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