Home exteriors can be a tricky thing when it comes to the decision making process for homeowners. You want it to be timeless and on trend, and your own style all at the same time. And all these years you’ve dreamed of building a little yellow ranch house, or a blue shaker shingle coastal style, or a grey craftsman style, or a big white modern farmhouse, but you never thought about the soffit and fascia, what even is that?, or the stone, or the brick. So many difficult decisions to make about the materials to use and all the little seemingly random details. One thing we know for certain at hearth and home is that when it comes to deciding whether or not to use any masonry on your home, always check the yes box. Aren’t convinced yet? Well here are the three most important benefits of using masonry on your home exterior:



Stone & Brick are more Energy Efficient than most other exterior materials. Full Bed and Full Real Clay Brick have the best ratings as far as energy efficiency goes, and thin brick and stone have decent ratings as well.

Stone & Brick are Low Maintenance when it comes to your exterior. Hardie board, stucco, vinyl siding, wood, etc. you have to re-paint, re-stain, re-seal, and repair over time. Natural Stone & Real Clay Brick will last the life of your home and beyond, with little to no maintenance. Even our manufactured stone and brick products have a fifty year warranty and should last at least that long, which is typically the life of the home prior to add major renovations, sales, etc. Stone and Brick homes are built to last with little upkeep and worry-free longevity.

Stone and Brick on your home exterior Adds Value & Curb Appeal to your home. Masonry materials have a lot of aesthetic benefits which give you home curb appeal and make it easier to sell. Aesthetically, masonry adds texture, pattern, color, and style to the exterior, brings balance by anchoring the home with a weighted material, and adds authenticity to the home by using natural and classically used materials. These materials also add a more high end look, which adds value to your home. And though sometimes stone and brick can cost a little more than other exterior materials, a home with masonry on the exterior typically appraises much higher, allowing a homeowner to set a higher asking price when it is time to sell the home.

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  • My wife and I have been thinking about getting some brick on the outside of our house, but we weren’t sure how it would actually benefit us. I had no idea that brick is actually more energy efficient in your home! Since we do worry about losing heat in the winter, this might be something that could help with that.

  • Correct! Actually, masonry has been the common choice for our clients because of its strength, durability, and elegance. Whether they want a new patio, fireplace, walkways, or even retaining wall installed, they go with stone masonry!

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