The Black Moss stone, is a two sided natural thin stone with its front side manifesting cream, brown and tan colors with black moss, and it’s backside with cream, white, tan and taupe colors without any moss. It is not the most commonly done with grays but when used strategically from a design perspective, it can be the perfect match for your gray home. And we would like to prove it to you.

Black Moss Squares and Rectangles 19




Utilizing both front & back sides of the stone is key to making the black moss stone work with your gray toned colors. It also looks wonderfully when paired with white trim, metals, and other accents that pull out the white and cream tones in the back side of the stone and it looks even better when also paired with a black roof, which pulls out the black colors you get on the front side of this stone.


Another way to make the black moss perfect for your gray home is (not only blending the front and back sides of the stone but also) blending in a different stone that helps to incorporate a broader spectrum of color, that spectrum of course, containing gray tones. You also should consider grouting the stone with a gray mortar to help tie in the gray and make the look more cohesive and harmonious.


Black Moss Squares and Rectangles 10

On some homes, we have seen people blend in deep blue grays, taupe grays, reds and grays and many more.

Black Moss & Apache & Dakota Gray Blend 13 Ellis POH - 157 Haystack Mountain Drive Red Ledges Heber

This stone and it’s many blend variations also look quite nice on many styles of homes from traditional, to craftsman, to cottage, to mountain home, and more.

Black Moss & Sawtelle Blend 05       Black Moss-Dakota 3

Black Moss-Silver Mist 2

Remember that many natural stones in our natural thin line can come in various shapes as well. This stone blend in the photo below, containing predominately the black moss is in more of a fieldstone or random shaped stone compared to the square in rectangle style that we have shown above.

Jackson MossBlack MossSilver Mist Blend 03

If you’re thinking of building a home or remodeling with a gray paint, hardie, stucco etc. that black moss could be perfect for you. Drop by one of our HHDU Stone Divisions and Design Centers today an meet with one of our designers to plan your gray and black moss home strategically for your best look possible.

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