We have talked about putting stone in your kitchen before, but now we want to look at brick. Brick work can be used on any style of interior from industrial modern to traditional to an old world or European style and everywhere in between. Use the brick work in a back splash, an accent wall, an island, around pillars, behind shelving, or do a patchwork piece. Brick not only adds color but it also adds a lot of texture. 
In a more modern or contemporary setting like this (photo below), the brick pops because of the change in color and the drastic change in texture from the otherwise rounded, angular and smooth shapes in the room. It also gives the homeowner a color element to tie in with the warmth in their floor, giving them the opportunity to play with more cool and neutral tones elsewhere.
In this beautifully designed kitchen we see brick in a more contemporary country style setting. Updated but still with that country flare and still with elements that look like they could have been there since the 1800s. We also see green, tan, white and red paired together, which when it comes to the almighty color wheel is a perfect blend of complementary colors.

In this parade home, we see traditional meets a shabby country style home.

You can see in this photo how they pulled the brick into their dining area and on to their pillars that divide spaces while keeping an open, airy, and inviting feel. 
A thin brick patchwork wall can enhance an old world, or European style kitchen. These homeowners used it in a Tuscan Vineyard inspired space.

Brick can also be painted if you want to just add texture but not necessarily add color. The ability you have to paint brick also gives you more options for change in the future. Look how gorgeous it looks as a subtle change in texture behind this shelving unit in this vibrant parade home.

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