Valor Legend G3 Insert Series

Since introducing the first Valor Legend insert model in 1991, we continue to adapt and improve on all aspects of our flagship line. With constant innovation in product design and function, our objective is to exceed the expectations of Valor customers on every level.

Easy-to-use, energy saving features position the Valor G3 insert as a leader in efficient, effective zone heating – a true upgrade in heat control, product reliability and overall home comfort.

Update your existing living space with a wide selection of stunning fireplace designs in both traditional and contemporary appeal. A diverse collection of fronts, trims and hearth accessories provide endless installation opportunities for your dated, inefficient fireplace.

Gas/Model High Low Max Energuide
738 NG 24,000 6,500 16,169 59.00%
738 LPG 24,000 13,000 16,169 59.00%
739 NG 24,000 6,500 17,490 67.00%
739 LPG 24,000 13,000 16,171 63.70%

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