Choosing the perfect scale and sizes of materials for your home, can sometimes get confusing but it’s actually quite simple. So simple, we’ve compiled a quick go to post to show you how to choose the scale of stone for your project.

3 Foot Stone Wainscot Only

For this application you don’t want to go too small, but you can’t go to large either.

We recommend a smaller mid-size stone, that is more of a linear ledgestone in style, for this application.


Over 40 Percent of Your Exterior and Up to the Roofline in at least one Area

We know it’s a long rule of thumb, but that’s what it is. If your home is over 40% of stone and has stone all the way up a pop out or two, or all the way around the garage, you’re good to go a little bigger style if you like. The Cape Cod Granite in the photo below is a perfect example.


Fireplace with Under 40 Square Foot 

As far as interior applications, unless you have a floor to two story vaulted ceiling, you typically want to stay a little smaller in size of stone. But for a smaller fireplace, under 40 square feet and just from floor to mantel, you want to go even smaller. For instance, one of our Pro-fit Ledgestone styles would be perfect for your 15 square foot fireplace.

Fireplace with Over 40 Square Foot 

If your fireplace has a bit more meat to it, say floor to an 18 foot ceiling vault and well over 40 square feet you are welcome to venture into a mid-size style of stone, or something that has medium, small, and large sizes in it.

If you still need help picking your perfect scale of product, or just want to see what we have, stop by one of our HHDU locations today!

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