Front doors are becoming more and more of a big deal, as we have seen from the Utah home shows and parades in the last few years. Large, unique, and many times colorful doors having been making appearances and they have definitely caught our eye. The Sawtelle stone family, made up of four different stones and hundreds of options for blends, is a popular stone we see with these gorgeous doors.
A white, contemporary style door, as seen on this parade home, is a good fall back for anyone who wants to keep it simple.
This dusty blue door, on another parade home, adds a pop of color but is more subtle than a red or neon shade.

This mint door, also one of the more subtle tones that coordinates perfectly with this family of stone, full of cool and neutral colors.

A lighter, brighter, and warmer shade of wood stain brings out the warmer colors in the stone.

And a darker wood stain on a large, custom style wood door, gives a nice contrast from the medium tones in the stone and the lighter body colors we see on these more craftsman and traditional homes.

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