When you’re building a home or remodeling the exterior of one, one of the first things you must approach when making color selections is whether or not you want your home to have a lot of contrast, be more monochromatic or matching, or to be somewhere in between.

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This home has a very stark contrast both color, tone, and shade-wise. It features a darker cool blue siding with a lighter warm & neutral stone containing some dark and medium shade accent colors. Some of the accents consist of blue grays, which coordinate with the siding in a subtle manner. Their choice of metals, shutters, pillars, doors, garage doors, windows and trim match one another but are all starkly contrasting from everything else on the home. And their choice of roofing starkly contrasts everything else as well. Every texture of material on this home is different and unique, but they all are able to tie together and look aesthetically pleasing.

Summit Uintah Ledgestone 25 - 7923 Broken Arrow Lane Eagle Mountain

This home took more of a monochromatic matching approach. All of the tones they chose were in a neutral color pallet and were all very similar to one another. Their stucco banding is the same color as the main color of their stucco but a 100%-150% blend shade lighter, their metals, garage door, and windows match closely with their stucco banding and their main body stucco matches the main color of the stone. They coordinated everything to get more of a neutral, monochromatic look which is just as aesthetically pleasing as the contrasting one, it is just a different type of style and taste.

Cape Cod Uintah Ledgestone 35

And finally, this home is somewhere in between. It has contrasting elements and blending elements. These homeowners matched their metals, windows, pillars, garage doors, hardie banding and other small accents with their hardie siding elements including shaker shingle siding, and board and batten vertical siding. They chose white for all of these elements which coordinates in a more subtle way with a very small percentage of white and cream colors found in the stone. Their stucco banding is the same color as the main color of their stucco but a 50-100% blend shade lighter, using a similar technique as in the previous monochromatic house photo. And their main body stucco coordinates with some of the lighter and medium tones found in their stone. Their shutters and roofing coordinates with some of the medium and darker color tones in their stone. This home is very well balanced, it is not too monochromatic and not too contrasting it has cohesiveness, contrast, and coordination without being too extreme in either direction which is equally as aesthetically pleasing as the two previous options we’ve just seen.


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If you’re building or remodeling a home, this is a big choice you have to make. Now that you have seen the three types of routes you might go, we hope that it might better prepare you for your color selection process. Building or remodeling your home is both a stressful and exciting process, figuring out what you like is the first step in the right direction to designing your new a beautiful home.

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