Contrasting Exterior

It is becoming more and more popular to have a contrasting exterior. White and black are on opposite ends of the spectrum however, when paired blend beautifully. Let’s take a look at some stunning contrasting exteriors designs!

“Flint Hill Lueders” is a warm stone with subtle variation. When paired with the a warm charcoal board & batten and sleek black metal roof it allows the stone to speak!
Pairing a dark stone like “Midnight Ledgestone” with a dark mortar greater amplifies the overall contrast of white and black.
Green, yes a beautiful earth green, with wood tones, and a warm stone is breath taking!
Lastly, if your wanting a more subtle contrast it can easily be achieved through window and roof color. The base of this home is prominently cream however the contrast of black windows and shingles is gorgeous!

Achieving a contrasting exterior does not required a pure white or black, however as seen above having some variations of dark and light does the job! Come into our showroom and create you own contrasting exterior!

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