Throw pillows are definitely one of the most fun aspects of a living or sitting space. You want them to coordinate with the other stylings, colors, textures, and design aspects, but you also want them to contrast and bring a pop of fun color to the room. A difficulty home owners sometimes face is how to coordinate their throw pillows with their stone or brick products well and how to do it without detracting the focus from either.
When it comes to the best throw pillows to coordinate with your stone or brick products, you want to find ones that not necessarily match the colors exactly but are within the same tone and the same color family.

Like in the previous post we talked about this “perfect porch”. The pink hues in their brick are perfectly paired with the pops of pink in their throw pillows and blanket.
Throw pillows are a small accents and a wall or a fireplace is much larger. This fact can help the two to play off of each other; the pillow below is a much more vibrant red and the brick is a rich red but it’s just slightly more subtle. This creates a few corresponding focal points, one larger yet more subtle and one small but more vibrant, neither stealing the spotlight from the other.

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