Our last post touched on the very important spring planning topic of landscape design for cohesiveness and flow in coordination with your stone home. Today, we’re talking brick homes. Here are some perfect ideas to help you create that flow and cohesiveness between your landscaping and your brick:

Choose landscaping bark or gravel that plays off the colors in your brick

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Who needs a cement side walk when you can have real brick

Old Irvington 6 Millhaven POH PTH408_PPC_OTR_1_lg th

Brick paver coping trim for your pool, pond, or spa


Brick paver porch, driveway, and courtyards

mutualmedclaypaversMutual_Traditional Pavers_OldDomDriveway

Brick paver patios

Mutual_Traditional Paver_UniDecor_Photo1_0 MutualMedPaleo8

Iron Oxide Summit 2 Pasadena Classic Iron Oxide Summit Trim

Trim your garden in your brick and/or use brick planters


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