Blue and Orange are what is known as Complimentary Colors. Complimentary Colors are colors who sit opposite of one another on the color wheel. This pairing of colors is one of the many options for color schemes when designing and/or decorating your home. Whether its stone on your exterior or a fireplace or wall application interior, we have a few favorite natural stone blends for this particular complimentary color scheme of blue and orange tones.


This Dakota Buckskin Blend pictured on these two home exteriors below depicts a mixture of blues, grays, golds, rusts, and more.

Dakota Grey & Buck Skin 03


Because this blend ties together warms, cools, and neutrals, and features both blue and orange colors, it makes it perfect for your orange and blue color scheme.

Dakota Grey & Buck Skin 05

Now talking interiors, it is most common to start out with a softer more neutral color pallet for your walls and other more permanent color finishes, and then tie your brighter pops of color into your focal points and decorative accents like drapes, textiles, furniture, throw pillow, vases, artwork, accent walls, fireplaces, and etc.


This fireplace below, also featuring a mixture with the Dakota, utilizes the Platinum quartz family of stone that we are so fond of, to bring in pops of color to their focal point and tie in their other colorful accents throughout the room, like their candles, floral arrangements, and vibrant, funky and fun, arm chair.


Interested in seeing or learning more about stones that work with this color scheme and any other color scheme, stop by one of your HHDU Stone Divisions & Design Centers today!

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