A fireplace feature wall can elevate the style and design of a space when it is used purposefully.

fireplace-feature-wallFiguring out what you want to do and should do for your feature wall is what we often see customers and clients struggling with. We have compiled some fireplace feature wall ideas and tips for all shapes, sizes, and price points, to hopefully help you through this process.

First things first, you should measure and examine your space to see what you’re looking at for size. ┬áDo you have 8 ft, 9 ft, 10 ft, 20ft, or etc. ceilings? Are you wanting to take masonry work to the ceiling or just to the mantel? Do you have room to do a hearth bench? Or will your hearthstones just sit on the floor? How wide is your wall? Is it large enough for shelving or cabinetry or would some finish carpentry or an accent paint ┬ácolor be better to fit the scale of your space? Do you want the fireplace to be large and protrude into the room for a beefier or look or to make the space feel cozier? Or would it best sit flat against the wall? Are you trying to tie in more of a certain decorative style with this feature wall? Is your room small and poorly lit to where you would want to add windows on either side for natural light? Are you wanting to have a TV above the fireplace or somewhere else in the space? These are all questions one should ask themselves prior to beginning the project to achieve the best look possible. Understanding the proportion and scale you are working with is a key element of the planning process, as it will dictate the sizing of everything else.











The options are practically endless and if you’re wanting more ideas, stop by one of our hearth and home stone division and design centers today, to get guidance from real on-staff designers.


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