Have you been wanting to know the differences between using Dry Stack vs. using Mortar? Well today is the day we will be talking about it. Dry stack is beautiful and it relies on gravity and design. The downfall for using dry stack is that weathering over time can pop some of the stone off. Dry stack is a little more costly because of the labor that goes into stacking them. Mortar is a great choice if you want a mixture of shapes. Mortar helps the stone stay in place. It is more sturdy than dry stack. Mortar can comes in multiple colors and it can determine what colors pop from the stone. If you do decide to go with a beautiful mortar you also have the option to do a thin mortar or a thick one.

Quartz Creek – Dry Stack
Flint Hills Lueders – Using Trinity White Mortar

We know it can be hard trying to choose what you want for your current or future home. That is why we are here for you. Our showroom is open Monday-Friday from 9-5. Stop by and we would love to help you pick out a dry stack or a mortar!

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