Everyday we drive by homes with stone paneled fencing, or see stone or brick panels on the legs of a freeway overpass, or on the walls of a business. 
And because we are so used to seeing these types of products, we can easily confuse them with authentic masonry materials.  
One of our frequently asked questions is: 
Is this paneled? Does this come in large sheets? etc. 

The answer is:

As Utah’s finest building supply company, and with today’s home improvement trends, Hearth and Home offers the most recognized brands in the industry committed to maintaining a strong focus on quality, reliability, safety, and AUTHENTICITY. This rings true with all of our products, especially those at our masonry divisions. 

Over 95% of our products are laid individually as in “the olden days” of masonry. 

We do not offer inauthentic and poor quality brick panels. 
All of our bricks are placed individually. 

We do offer manufactured thin brick from our Cultured Stone and Harristone companies, but even those are placed individually and they are produced at a very high standard of quality and appearance. 
All of our Natural Stone products are all laid individually. 
And over 95% of our manufactured stone products are laid individually.
Even in interior applications.
We do however offer a few small paneled products for style and convenience in our manufactured Cultured Stone, Prostone and Harristone brands called the pro-fit ledgestone, alpine pro-fit ledgestone, Savannah easy-fit, and mason’s choice ledgestone. These products are still very different and no where near the typical larger paneled options and this line of products we offer is very minimal. 
Any more questions? Let us know in the comments below, or come into one of our HHDU masonry divisions and design centers today!
For more basic FAQs answered, visit: https://hhdu.com/faq.html

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