Spring is here and summer is on its way! This is where the sense of urgency creeps up on you as you realize your back yard is not up to par for the seasons of cookouts and outdoor games, family parties and the gathering of friends. Do not fret though. We have fifteen ways to turn your back yard into the inviting oasis that you’ve always wanted.

1. Dressing Up the Not-So-Cute Spaces

You know that shed off to the side, in the corner of the yard that is cramping your style? (This goes for barns, playhouses, and detached garages too.) Dress it up with a stone or brick wainscot. This takes it from something that’s holding you back to something that nicely accents and emphasizes your style.

Another place to think about dressing up is your hot tub or spa. 

2. Brick Pavers

Brick pavers can be used on a winding path, a patio or patio extension and much much more. With so many different choices, there is perfect fit for everyone.

3. Natural Stone Pathways

Natural stone pathways are a great alternative to a side walk or the like. It also is quite complimentary to your garden when used as stepping stones.

4. Fireplaces & Fire-pits

Fireplaces and fire-pits draw people closer together, making the family night just a little more bonding, and your back yard a little more cozy.

And if you don’t have the space or the money for a brand new fire-pit or fireplace set up, consider this portable fire-pit. 

5. Outdoor Living Space

Using strategically placed furniture that has pops of color and is comfortable yet durable makes a perfect place to gather and relax.

6. Outdoor Kitchens & Barbecues

An outdoor kitchen and barbecue, near your newly engineered outdoor living space and fireplace or fire-pit will tie everything together and emphasize the gathering place effect.

7. Decks & Patios

Color starting to fade on your deck? Spring time is a great time to re-stain, its not to cold so it will dry like it’s supposed to and its not too hot, so the labor isn’t aggravating.

Or maybe you don’t have a deck or don’t want your deck anymore, brick paver patios are another option.

8. Seating

As stated, comfort and durability are two of the more important seating rules for outside. The seating is the back bone of any gathering place. It is where everyone will commune and where the lines of sanctuary and uproarious laughter meet.

9. Water Features

Whether its a massive cascading waterfall, a pond, or a small fountain, adding a water feature adds in another natural element and increases the oasis factor.

10. Retaining walls

Retaining walls have many uses. They can be used as fencing, or as a divider from one section of your yard to another. However, many times they are just for show.

12. Privacy Insurance

Retaining walls are great for this too. Well styled fencing can really change the look of your back yard. Your outdoor spaces will feel more like an oasis if there is a sense of enclosure, escape, peace and privacy.

12. Shady Places

Nooks and crannies covered in pergolas, gazebos, canopies, umbrellas or even by a tree are perfect for staying cool in the heat of the summer and for having more intimate conversations.

13. Bars

Bars can me a great way to spice up your outdoor kitchen and barbecue area.

14. Choose Lighting Wisely

Lighting is vital. It is the almighty creator of ambiance and should be respected as such. Ground lighting, garden lighting, pathway lighting and overhead lighting are all types of lighting to pay close attention to.

15. A Little More Landscaping

Having already discussed brick pavers, stone pathways, retaining walls, and water features, you would think there isn’t much more to talk about in the way of landscaping. But in home interior and exterior design, the options are endless and there is always more to talk about.

From stone steps with mutli-tiered garden to butterfly buffets don’t forget the flowers and foliage… and the stone of course.

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