Pairing Stone and Brick can be tricky business sometimes.

So, to help you with the process we have compiled Five Easy Steps to a Perfect Stone & Brick Combination Exterior:

  1. First, commit to a contrast type. Whether you want a stark contrast with light stone and dark brick, or dark stone and light brick; or minimal contrast which would be a brick and a stone that are almost the same in color.
  2. Next, choose the tonal family you would like. Whether you want warm tones (red, orange, copper, rust, gold, yellow), warm neutrals (beige, tan, taupe), or cool neutrals (grays), or a combination of two (red brick and neutral stone can be quite a gorgeous pairing).
  3. Next, pick your style of stone. We recommend going with a larger scale stone to give a distinctive pattern contrast between your stone and brick.
  4. Next, pick your style of brick. Keep in mind your choice of contrast and tonal family.
  5. And for the perfect finishing touch, and to add cohesiveness: tie in the brick to the stone sections by use brick instead of stone accessories. Use brick soldier coursing along the base of the stone, along the top of stone work as it runs along the soffit and fascia, around the windows, and/or as a brick sill.

Our Hearth and Home staff are prepared to help you through every step of the process. Drop by one of our showrooms today.

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