Our showroom designers assist homeowner clients with exterior designs, texture placement, products, etc. every single day. We understand how difficult it is to navigate the design and building process. And we are here to assist you every step of the way as it applies to our products. We want to make it easier, that’s why were here.

Exterior design is all about creating interest and curb appeal with durable and long-lasting materials. It’s easy to assume that all of the highest quality and most beautiful products and best designs are going to break the bank. Well, we’re here to tell you that’s just not true. Creating a great design and selecting great products doesn’t always mean going over budget. There are a variety of simple and affordable ways to elevate your home’s exterior.

Here are five ways to elevate your home from basic to extraordinary:

Use Masonry.

Because masonry materials add style, texture, color, pattern, durability and sometimes energy efficiency it makes them a great choice for a home exterior.

Create Level Changes.

Level changes are also a great way to elevate the look of your exterior. This is best achieved with masonry materials. The home below is a perfect example of flawlessly executed level changes in their stone wainscoting. With some areas at 5.5′ and some around 3′ it makes the home more interest and unique from the road.

Incorporate Multiple Textures.

Mastering multiple textures can be tricky. We’ve actually done several blog posts about this subject in the past. But we executed properly add so much to a home’s exterior. The home below utilized Hardie Board and Batten, Hardie Lap Siding, and Stone. Hardie Shake, Stucco, Vinyl Siding, and Brick are also great textures to bring in to add some interest and curb appeal to your exterior design.

Apply Layered Colors & Contrasts.

The best exterior color schemes have a good range of color from light to dark. You always want something to be on the lightest end of value the spectrum, a couple things in the middle, and something on the darkest end of the value spectrum.

The home below has white trim & board and batten (light), light gray shake shingle siding (light-middle), dark gray lap siding & stone (middle-dark), black roofing/fixtures/hardware (dark).

Have Something that Pops.

A front door color or a a fun planter with vibrant flowers are small and simple ways to add pops of color. Furthermore, other landscaping choices, or other more vibrant siding material choices are other effective ways to do this. Either way, make sure you have something that pops. A little pop of color adds instant curb appeal and makes the exterior of your home seem more inviting and full of life.


In conclusion, utilizing these five ways will help you elevate your home from basic to extraordinary.  And as always if you need more information and/or assistance, please drop by one of our masonry division’s and design centers today!




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