Hooray! Friday has finally come! And we thought we’d honor the occasion with a Flashback Friday post.

The Utah Valley Parade of homes (UVPOH) finished about two months ago but the trends are still hot and the homes are still the talk of the town.

We’re looking back to some of our favorite homes and favorite trends.

Antique Pearl

¬†First up, lets talk about one of the most used stones for both interior and exterior applications in the history of the parade: Antique Pearl Limestone. This is a white limestone from Merrilstone that is customizable in sizing, making it very versatile and well-loved. Antique Pearl was used in and on three different UVPOH this year. And when you see the pictures you’ll understand why its always a showstopper.

Painted Brick

Another UVPOH trend we loved that can be found on and in multiple homes is Painted Brick. This trend can be found on Raykon’s Meraki exterior. And several locations on RC Dent’s interior.

Interior Brick

But the interior brick trend doesn’t stop with painted brick. We love seeing real exposed brick or thin brick to made to look like real exposed brick. Concorde homes had a similar application in their home’s kitchen.


Neutral Limestones also took this year’s parade by storm on several homes, including an entry from Millhaven homes and another from Raykon.

Black & White

In additon to neutrals, Black & White has become a common color scheme. The high contrast is bold and beautiful on this Foster Construction house.

Masonry on Foundation and Planters

Farmhouses with stone foundation and planters are yet another trend we love. The interest masonry brings to an exterior is undeniable.

Stone & Brick Combo

Finally, stone and brick combination homes are some of our favorite homes. The authenticity real masonry materials bring to the look of an exterior or interior is unmatched. Not to mention all the color, pattern, texture, variety, and interest they bring to a space. And it’s a timeless look hence our obsession.

In conclusion for this Flashback Friday we’re still in love with all these homes, looks, materials, and styles from the UVPOH. And we are loving every second of the other Parade of Homes competitions this year. Stop by our HHDU Masonry Division today to get your parade worthy home started.

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