At HHDU, we get this question a lot and that is, How high should a television be mounted above the fireplace?

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And the answer is a hard one but it is: There is no standard height. Every fireplace unit is different and depending on the specs, code, and BTUS. If you didn’t have a fireplace there is a simple and concrete rule: “The ideal center of the screen should be at the eye level of the viewer”.¬†But because we are working with a fireplace, it makes a huge difference, especially if you don’t want your TV to melt or house to catch on fire, or etc.

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SPECS & CODES & BTUS are so very vital to pay attention to when it comes to deciding where to mount your TV or whether or not you want a TV mounted above the unit at all. Lower BTUs and electric faux fireplaces obviously are going to have a smaller clearance necessary and the minimum for some units is going to be at least 18 inches plus a mantel and it goes up from there. We recommend you do not guesstimate this measurement though! Please make sure you protect your selves and your property by reading the specs for your fireplace and talking with a professional before hanging your TV!

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