Curb appeal is an important element of home owning. It’s specifically important if you’re considering selling your home or your home is on the market. Homes with good curb appeal command higher prices. In this post, we have a two major tips followed by several ways to accomplish those tips. The first tip being giving your home and yard a face-lift and updating the over all view from the curb, the second tip being making the entry the focal point to the exterior.

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Update the over all view from the curb by adding and updating textures, colors, the overall appearance of the home and landscaping:

Utilize rhythm and repetition by repeating elements on the walkways and different areas on the exterior to create style and cohesiveness.

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Update and upgrade your landscaping for functionality, flow, and style.

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Add stone

Sawtelle 36

Add brick

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Or both stone & brick, and consider dressing up the driveway with stone or brick trim.

Old Irvington 38 Chatwin POH 4498 Vintage Drive Provo

Make-over your mailbox by adding stone or brick that coordinates with your home.

Mailboxes 02

Be unique with your house numbers.



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Repaint your smaller accents. Sometimes the idea of painting a home can be overwhelming but many times the entire house doesn’t even need to be painted to change the entire look. Painting smaller accents like the trim, shutters, metals, etc. is sometimes all the painting that needs to be done.


Give you home a bath. Get the power sprayer, pressure washer or a heavy duty hose and give you home a nice cold shower. You’d be surprised what a little rinse will do.


And do the proper maintenance. If you have a sagging gutter or shutter straighten it back up.




Guide your guests in by making your entry the emphasis or focal point of the exterior:

Add/update/or add trim to a path way from the curb to the front door – brick pavers, or stone, or side walk outlined in stone or brick will work well. Also consider adding stone or brick to your front steps, entry way and porch.

Old Irvington 6 Millhaven POH


Dakota Grey Flagstone Pavers 01

Add a vibrant colored paint to your front door and a clean and clear frame.


Keep a clear view from your home to the street, clear the weeds, trim the shrubs, clean it up and clear it out, especially around that walk way.


Use decorative plants and light fixtures to create symmetry around your door. Update and coordinate the light fixtures and door hardware.


Add landscape lighting around that updated pathway to light the way. You can also use landscape lighting and other accent lights to brighten up your exterior, accents your favorite and the most appealing elements.





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