How to Select the Color Scheme for your Exterior

Many first time home builders struggle selecting a color scheme. However, the selection process for your exterior can be simplified by following three simple steps. First, identify an inspiration image. Doing so helps narrow down the color palette and design style of the home. Second, select masonry products. Third, identify the stone/bricks undertone and coordinate accordingly! Taking the time to walk through all three steps is what creates a well designed color scheme.

#1 Identify Inspiration

This is the fun part of building a home! Hop onto Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, or Houzz and start saving homes you love! Looking at a variety of images helps determine what design style, colors, and materials one likes and does not like.

#2 Select Masonry Products

Now that there is a clear vision for your home make a design appointment with our designer and let the browsing begin! During the appointment you will be shown a variety of products. Our showroom offers a various natural stone, manufacture stone, and brick in many colors and stacking styles. Identify what materials you are drawn towards and reflect your vision.

You are one step closer to identifying the color scheme for your exterior!

#3 Identifying Undertone

All colors have a warm or cool undertone. Red, orange, and yellow are warm. While blue, green, and purple appear cool. This is the same case for stone. Once the undertone is nailed down selecting paint, soffit & fascia, window, door color, etc. with the same undertone is a breeze.

Building and designing a home is an exciting process! If you need help creating an exterior scheme call up and make an appointment with our designer at (801) 854-9898. We are here to help!

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