As Farmhouses become more and more popular once again, we are seeing a lot more interior brick pavers. Of course, this look is not limited to the farmhouse style. Brick paver interior floors are popular and elevate the style in many home styles from Traditional, Colonial, Country, and Georgian, to French influence, Tudor, Tuscan, and so much more.


One of the most common places for brick pavers is an entryway or a hallway with a side door that leads to a mudroom.


There are several ways to lay brick pavers, also known as bond patterns, six to be exact, and if you include dry-stacked and grouted as separate bond patterns, there is twelve. The one in the photo above is laid in a double basket weave dry-stack bond pattern and the one below is laid herringbone with a flush over-grout mortar.



Although flush over-grout mortars are the most common for residential interiors, more commercial projects will sometimes use a smoother more formal mortar joint instead (this style of mortar is known to be more difficult to clean though).


Laundry rooms, kitchens, kitchenettes, and pantries are just a few other great places to lay interior brick pavers. This photo below has laid their pavers in whats know as a regular running bond with cream colored over-grout mortar.


Mixing pavers for more color variation, more of a standard brick look, and a more vintage feel is quite common as well. Many paver color sets are more monochromatic in their variation. Blending in a darker paver like the ebony or a lighter color like the glacier, golden, or caramel, or blending in both a lighter and darker color gives your pavers a little more depth and movement.


pav_ebony pav_glacier_mist pav_golden_buff pav_caramel

Tumbled pavers can give a nice vintage and more hand-molded feel to your individual bricks.


This February, at our HHDU Orem location we will be installing a new brick paver display, so that we can help you find the perfect paver for your dream home. We promise to help you make your home beautiful inside and out. Stop by one of our stone division and design center locations today!

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