We love to see unique elements of brick and stone used interior. Interior pillars can be used to separate one space from another while keeping an open and airy feel, however if not dressed up used to your advantage from a design stand point they can seem dull or out of place. By adding a masonry surround to these pillars can tie in more color and dress up your pillars a little more.  
This Utah Valley Parade Home blew the audience away with their interior brick applications. And check out those pillars.
The parade home above is just one example. There are so many different places where stone or brick pillars can amp up your space. For instance: in your kitchen or kitchenette,
in a game room,

at a bar,

or a children’s play area,
or your living room, dining room, or entry way.
And here’s another set of pillars dividing the kitchen and living space.

The pop of color and texture adds a unique design element to the rooms and draws people into the kitchen.

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