The Lake View home was quite the showstopper of 2020! With a full stone exterior, what’s not to love? Combining a vintage style with a new build, Lake View has a layer of authenticity that most homes don’t have. Located just off of Utah Lake this home has a beautiful view to accent the beautiful architecture. Faced with natural stone, Lake View pays tribute to the structural integrity of another era. With further ado, here is the grand Lake View home and how to mimic the look!

Lake View Home Exterior

The exterior is covered in natural stone. Supplied by Buechel Stone from Wisconsin, the stone combines warm grays and soft creams to give an old-world look. Because of the style of home, the designer Nicole Camp went with a messy bagged overgrout. Likewise, the Gray Cobble Creek stone again accentuates an old-world, vintage style.

The Masonry materials don’t stop on the walls of the exterior but continue onto the pavers for the stairs, paths, and driveway. Here they used a blend of 80% Fond du Lac Pavers and 20% Chilton Pavers. This blend brings in a variety of subtle warm creams, soft reds, light blues, and rust golds.

Lake View Home Exerior Birdseye View

The Interior

Because of the homeowner’s desire for an authentic old-world feel, every connecting exterior to an interior wall is covered in stone. Along with several more interior accents, you can see that the builder went through a great deal of effort to make the stone on this home perfect!

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