Canmore, a new Uintah Ledgestone color in the Harristone brand, originally release in Canada, is now sprouting up everywhere across Utah. As one of the more gray colors in the Harristone line and with grays trending, Canmore is the perfect fit for many of the new homes being built. However, because the Canmore coloring can come off as pretty dark, sometimes it can be a difficult choice for homeowners. But at HHDU we have seen a number of homes that through strategy and particular color use with other body textures, besides stone, bring the Canmore to life and still have a bright and light colored home exterior. Here are some ways to lighten up your Canmore. 
Use with lighter siding with white banding and windows.
Use with all white; white hardie board and batten, white metals and windows, etc.

Use with all white with a different hardie texture in a accent color. The photo above is about 50% stone on the front, 35% white shake shingles, and 15% grey hardie board and batten. These paired with white metals, corbels, windows, etc. makes for a vibrant and contrasting home exterior with lots of curb appeal.

Grout your Canmore with a lighter grout.

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