Crave4836STLimestone Block is a custom limestone material, that works great for spaces of many styles from French Country to Contemporary Modern. It can come in several coloring’s, although lighter buff colors, we have seen, have been the most common thus far.

These blocks can be used for both interior and exterior applications. From exterior entryways and accents to interior fireplaces, in almost any room, these limestone blocks are quite versatile in application.

Here are a few newer fireplaces we have done with these gorgeous limestone blocks.
Crave4836ST 3

Doing a limestone blocks by themselves of mixing them with tile, wood, and metal, is one of common options for applications.

Spark 19E

Cosmo SLR Tonic Ebony Front 2



Mixing Limestone Blocks & Brick or Stone is also common (more common than most other combinations) like these below:

Millhaven (7)


If you’re interested in this look, contact or stop by one of our HHDU Stone Division and Design Centers today!

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