The term Limestone can be found with both natural and manufactured stones. Within manufactured stones, it is typically describing the style, shape, and texture of the stone, like in this Cultured Stone Limestone,
or in this Harristone Limestone.
These Manufactured Limestones are made up of rectangular shapes with a more rugged and rocky texture on the face.  
Natural stones are categorized as limestone because of their actual geological make-up. 
Natural Limestone by definition is a sedimentary rock composed of at least 50% calcium carbonate in the form of the mineral calcite.
All of the natural Limestone’s at HHDU, are high grade, strong, durable, and perfect for your home exterior or interior project. 

Natural Limestone’s can be also fabricated into smoother “honed” shapes, and many other textures for custom entry ways, accessories, accents, architectural projects and much much more. 
To see real-life samples of our Limestone, drop into one of our HHDU stone division and design center showrooms in Orem or Salt Lake City, today!
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