You would think that making something new look old would be a lot of work. However, we have three easy steps that should satisfy your vintage needs and not add too much more work. 
 1. Choosing the right stone. 
Both Manufactured and Natural Fields tones, Ridge stones, Randoms styles, 
as well as Natural Limestone can all work for this look.
2. Over-grout.
This aspect is pretty key. Real old world masonry typically wouldn’t have anything less than an over-grout mortar joint. So, when you use this same style of grout on your project, it gives a more authentic look. 
3. Grout Color. 
Coloring your grout is also a key element. Not only can it emphasize the colors you want to pop in your stone, as well as tie other colors you have on your home to your stone, color can also give a more vintage, worn, or weathered look. The natural grey and trinity white colors work well also, but if it’s too “clean” looking, how long could it really have been there? A little color goes a long way. 
These three steps can be easily accomplished with products from a Hearth & Home Masonry Division & Design Center near you. 

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