The McGee Home & How to Mimic the Look!

By July 16, 2021Uncategorized

Studio McGee’s home is just gorgeous! The stone, painted brick, and siding is to die for! Are you wondering how you can mimic a similar aesthetic on your exterior? Keep reading to mimic the look on your home!


Studio McGee selected a warm tumbled stone that offers contrast, texture, and personality. Selecting a stone that has color variation adds interest character to your home.

Painted Brick

Painted brick brings color and subtle texture to your home! To mimic a similar look to Studio McGee select a brick with a simple texture and paint it with a true white! This lets the stone speak and be the focal point!


To finish it off, Siding directs the eye horizontally across the home! It is a simple material but allows the masonry material to be the focal point! We love it!

If you are wanting to mimic Studio McGee’s look in your exterior stick to these three materials: a warm tumbled stone, painted brick, and classic siding!

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