Who says stone can’t be in a modern or contemporary setting?
Many think, that stone may not belong in a modern or contemporary setting, BUT WE DISAGREE.
To prove it, here are a few interior projects where stone has made a contemporary setting better than ever. 
Stone can be used as an amazing design accent to add texture to an otherwise solid and plain modern look. A more lineal and geometric ledge stone type style plays off of the other geometric aspects you find in this style of home.

The style of your fireplace or insert model plays into the look in a major way as well. A larger unit is typically preferable for these settings. Many use the more lineal, rectangular units as well. 

All of the fireplaces shown in this post can be found at any of our Hearth & Home Fireplace Locations (Ogden, Sugarhouse, Orem).
Here are some modern home exteriors with stone accents. 
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