CapturepenfpPeninsula and wrap around units are our last stop on our Modern Fireplace blog post train… for now. These fireplaces can fit into any size category really, but besides size it is the look and strategy that can be taken when these little, or big guys that sets them apart from the rest. A peninsula unit can be used to create a zoning, or division of space in an open floor plan without really chopping up the space. A wrap around unit, although it is only two sided instead of three and is usually placed against a wall can also still give you a more open feel. Either way you go, peninsula or wrap around you’re going to get an open feel, a modern look, and a big statement.


Chiseled Seashell Sand Shadowstone 3

Boral Brick Material - Street of Dreams - Lynn, OR

Clear 170 RS Stone

Fireballs 6 and 4 diameter Dark Grey 7

Corner Right Soapstone Interior Finish

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