Mountain Modern is a home exterior style  distinctive to the western mountain region of the US. Mountain Modern style encompasses a lot of different styles of home exteriors. This includes  Rustic Modern, Mountain Contemporary, Mountain Modern, Mountain Modern meets Modern Prairie House. These styles are a very common style of home in Utah especially in the Park City Area. Finishes and features distinctive to this style include organic finishes of locally sourced wood & stone. As well as anything else that adds to the home bring one with surrounding nature. It’s almost a play on rustic cabin style meets organic modernism meets contemporary styles of today.

Wood siding, beams, and timbers, and natural stone wainscoting and siding applications are the stars of the show on these exteriors. Dark metal over-sized windows & doors are also distinctive features on these homes. These elements add contrast interest and natural light. And the large windows make it easy for the home’s inhabitants to feel as if they are still a part of the nature around them. Doors and garage doors with additional windows or opacity are also common. The cherry on top to being one with the surrounding landscape are unique roof-lines that mimic the shape of mountain peaks. All of these distinguishing features make the name “mountain modern exteriors” that much more fitting.

Mountain Modern Exteriors

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