Paving stones can transform your walkways from ordinary to extraordinary.
At HHDU stone divisions and design centers, we offer a variety of special order paving stones that can be used for walkways, sidewalks, porches, patios and more.
Use stone pavers on your front walk up or winding through your garden.
Finding paving stones that match with the stone on your home, creates another aspect of cohesiveness and fluidity and helps tie your colors all together.
Go a dark charcoal blue grey sandstone or more of platinum sliver grey quartz.
Fill the joints with gravel, sand, or cement in any color you choose.
Use paving stones to create a place for friends and family to gather, or for an especially pleasing patio.
In addition to reds and grey tones, other available colors include tans, creams, beige’s, and taupe’s.
Flagstone Pavers are great for any style of home from a craftsman to a cabin.
If you’re interested in any of these flagstone pavers, stop by one of our HHDU stone division & design centers today to meet with a member of our expert sales and design staff.
Black Moss Fieldstone 69 - IMG_0323 IMG_0385


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