As our stone brands roll out new products, we are eager to show more in our Showrooms. While most years we only get a few products in, this year several new stones have been released. Because of this, a new tower has been put up in our Orem Showroom! The tower includes nine new Cultured Stones by Boral Samples. Everything from a modern Terrain Pro-Fit to a Classic Brick is shown on the tower. Because the new tower does not show all our new products, we will be replacing some old samples with new fresh styles. Keep an open eye for what’s coming! Here are the photos of what is offered on the new Cultured Stone tower:

Wheaton Country Ledgestone

Probably one of the most popular Cultured Stone styles is the Country Ledgestone. Because of its popularity, Cultured Stone has rolled out two new colors. Wheaton Country Ledgestone is a beautiful creamy stone option.

Gunnison Country Ledgestone

In contrast to the Wheaton Country Ledgestone, Gunnison Country Ledgestone adds the perfect black option to the Cultured Stone family.

Skyline Country Ledgestone

Although Skyline Country Ledgestone is not new to our showroom, it is new to the tower. This classic Country Ledgestone has moved locations. With a blend between grays and tans, the skyline is a great dark stone option.

Echo Ridge Sculpted Ashlar

Similarly to the Country Ledgestone, one of the most popular Cultured Stone colors is Echo Ridge. Certainly, this color will be beautiful in another great style. With the neutral gray palette, the Echo Ridge Sculpted Ashlar gives a great tumbled stone look.

Titanium Handmade Thin Brick

Cultured Stone’s Handmade Thin brick balances a brick look in a manufactured product price point. While most people use a full brick exterior, this thin brick can be used in both interior and exterior applications. Because the brick is thin, it won’t cut into any square footage, creating the perfect options for backsplashes, accent walls, and fireplaces.

Carbon Handmade Thin Brick

Similarly to Titanium Handmade Thin Brick, this option is perfect for interior use. With a beautiful contrasting look, Carbon Thin Brick takes a modern approach to the classic Brick look.

Ethos Pro-Fit Terrain

Ethos Pro-Fit Terrain takes a more modern stone and pairs it with both warm and cool colors to give the perfect variety. In design trends, we see warm colors, and cool colors fluctuate in and out. Although this stone’s shape is more modern, because of the combination of warm and cool, the colors will be more timeless.

Arcadia Pro-Fit Terrain

Arcadia Pro-Fit Terrain takes a monochromatic color palette and pairs it with a stone with variety to create interest. The Pro-Fit Terrain style patterns both smooth and textured pieces to add depth and variety. The Arcadia coloring takes another approach in a beautiful warm gray stone.

Trek Pro-Fit Terrain

Trek Pro-Fit Terrain is the darkest Pro-Fit Terrain option. With its balance between black, light gray, and cream, it has the perfect amount of variety. With the movement of color, Trek Pro-Fit Terrain creates the perfect option for a contrasting stone.

Photos don’t do these beautiful stone justice! Want to see them in person? Come into one of our Showrooms and design centers to get started!

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