We are pleased to announce the new Tumbled stone that will join the Hearth and Home family! The Tumbled Stone, produced by Harristone, made its debut starting in April of 2020. Because of the recent trends, Harristone has decided to create a soft edge, light & airy, beautiful tumbled stone. While most tumbled stones are exclusive to natural stone, Harristone has found a way to create the soft tumbled look, in beautiful manufactured stone. The Tumbled Stone combines an older look with new, modern colors. Tumbled stone will come in three colors, Austin White, Country Hills, and Riverside.

Austin White Tumbled

The Austin White Tumbled stone brings a comforting farmhouse pattern to a classic white color. The Austin White will give have the trendy white aspect while staying in a classic soft look. Perfect for cottages, farmhouses, and old-world homes, the Austin White is sure to bring a uniquely beautiful look to your home!

Country Hills Tumbled

Country Hills Tumbled combines the perfect ratio of warm and cool colors to create a diverse stone blend. Whether you want to accent the stone with gray or tan tones, Country Hills Tumbled will be the perfect option! Certainly, this stone will look beautiful on any exterior it is accented with!

Riverside Tumbled

Riverside Tumbled stone combines white and gray tones to give a soft, cool, look. With beautiful white and gray tones, Riverside Tumbled surely is a beautiful gray option.


Photos don’t do this beautiful new stone justice! Come into one of our Showrooms and design centers to see it up close!

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