If you’re toying with the idea of stone flooring for your home, this post is just for you. Here’s nine reasons your need stone flooring and should seal deal.

Stone lasts forever.

It is a timeless and versatile flooring material.

It adds a level of antique and organic authenticity, but is also gorgeous in modern spaces.

Stone can create a seamless flow from exterior to interior.

When used on porches and patios along with spaces like entries, mudrooms, breezeways, and more stone creates a cohesiveness that’s hard to beat.

It’s great for any climate and season.

It is naturally cool in warm weather and works great with radiant floor heating for cool weather.

It’s Pet Friendly.

If you’re worried about the pups, kitties, and your sons tarantula reaking havock on your floors, don’t be. Stone is extremely durable, and like we said before should last forever.

The Options are Endless.

There are lot’s of options in different shapes, patterns, textures, colors,  styles, and grout colors.

It adds interior design elements and principles to a space.

Stone brings in natural color, pattern, texture, and sometimes contrast, variety, balance to a space. Not to mention it’s Feng Shui friendly and just plain gorgeous.

Stone is functional and easy to clean.

Stone can be some of the most functional material on the market, it doesn’t trap allergens, and it’s a piece of cake to clean (especially if it’s sealed).

Did we mention it’s just plain gorgeous.

If you need any information or want to explore your options for stone flooring stop by one of our HHDU Stone division & design centers today in Orem or Salt Lake.


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