Organic Modernism is typically known as a style of architecture, but there is a style of décor and design that goes with it. By definition, “organic architecture strives to integrate space into a unified whole”, with the idea that “every building should grow naturally from its environment”. The home or building should blend with its surroundings by using organic and natural materials and shapes. “Modern organic architecture buildings are never linear or rigidly geometric. Instead, wavy lines and curved shapes suggest natural forms”. Design and décor should also be along these lines. Rounded, staggered, or jagged shapes of décor and design elements should be used over items with squared edges. And items should incorporate natural elements. For instance, natural stones bring in the natural and organic element, as well as the staggered look of an ashlar pattern. Stones like this watermill natural ledge-stone have jagged natural edges.   

Irregular shaped stones with a standard grout joint can also fit this style well because of the organic shape.
Mixing whites and light natural toned colors with wood create an open, natural and organic feel.

Good natural light is also very important. 
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