Let’s talk painted brick, either you love it or you hate it. With a high-speed trend of people painting their old red brick with a fresh new look, painted brick is becoming rapidly more and more popular. Most people might think painting brick is simple, but there are many characteristics that one needs to look for when considering painted brick. Luckily, we are here to help!


The first thing to consider when painting brick is the texture. The face texture of every brick is different, therefore it will appear different once it’s under the paint. It’s important to consider what the homeowner wants the overall look of the wall to be. Do you want a modern clean looking wall? Or something with a little more life and dimension? Such questions are vital to ask when selecting a brick.


The next thing to consider is the profile of the brick. Once the brick is painted, this aspect is just the shape seen. Would a tumbled brick look better? Do you want a modular brick option? (A Modular brick has a longer look with a shorter height) Or would a standard king-sized brick do for the job? While most people glaze over such questions, all these characteristics play into the overall look and aesthetic.


Above all, when preparing to paint brick, you’ll want to look at the grout joint. With any kind of brick, the homeowner has options as to what kind of grout joint they can accent their brick with. Such grout joints will appear differently depending on the style. The three main styles of brick grout will give a variance in look and texture. The first is a Smooth Tooled Round Concave Joint. This joint is the “classic” brick look. It is the cleanest looking of all the options. Because of how it’s tooled, it shows up extremely well once painted. The second is a grapevine joint. With a little more texture juxtaposed to the Concave joint, the grapevine joint adds the perfect stepping stone option between the Smooth Tooled Round Concave Joint & and a Flush Overgrout. The third is a Flush Overgrout. Although this is a messier, it gives a great texture up against the brick. When a homeowner plans on painting a brick, considering the grout is vital to the overall appearance.


The following photos are examples of how the small details make all the difference when a brick is painted. Pay close attention to the shape, grout, and texture.

Heritage Hills Brick, Green Tumbled Texture, Smooth Tooled Round Concave Grout

Buckskin Brick, Greem Tumbled Texture, Flush Over Grout

Lexington Brick, Antique/Bark Texture, Flush Over Grout

Savannah Brick, Antique/Bark Texture, Bagged Grout

Dark Iron Spot Modular, Velour Texture, Smooth Tooled Round Concave Grout

Dark Iron Spot Modular Brick, Smooth Texture, Smooth Tooled Round Concave Grout


Here are some inspirational photos to show ideas of how you can utilize painted brick to be the perfect detail in your Home!


Flagship Parade of Homes 2017

Millhaven Parade of Homes 2014

Sweetwater Parade Home 2017

SLC Parade of Homes 2018

RC Dent Parade of Homes 2018

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