The Pioneer House style is a classic vintage style that is popular in the the US. This category includes architectural styles such as English Cottage, Federal, Georgian, and sometimes even Greek Revival. Modern takes on this style often feature both contemporary or vintage, rustic farmhouse touches as well.


The Pioneer House exterior typically features a shake shingle or a natural looking color asphalt shingle roof, white windows and trim and full stone siding.


Furthermore the interior will typically feature stone work as well.The key to this style is authenticity. In a new build, you want to design the house to look like the aesthetics and architectural details look structural. You want the home to look like it was built out of stone or brick, even if you’re just using veneer products. This is why interior masonry accents, such as walls, archways, back-splashes, fireplaces, etc. They give the illusion that, the wall is is stone or brick all the way through. Fireplaces are also a common staple for this design style.





The Pioneer House style is a less common but unsung hero in the industry, it’s timeless beauty, classic style, and authentic and elegant aesthetic is unmatched. Especially for us, because we love that it emphasizes stone, brick, fireplaces and typically have a lot of them!

If you’re looking at building a Pioneer House or remodeling a current one, stop by on of our Hearth and Home Masonry Divisions and Design Centers today. Our expert design and sales team will help to get you even closer to your dream home inside and out.

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